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Friday, May 10, 2013


sent a message to a Dr there where you are...of course they haven't message back... Jerks!
It looked to be a dermatologist that also treated Lyme disease...I should not have mentioned the M word maybe in my message...I will send you the link.
Maybe you can have better luck with them.
read this...and maybe call them.
I would not mention M...

Dont mention M. Ok i will get on it. I'm scared. I'm sick. My lesions on the back and back neck have improved dramatically but have 'set up shop' in my neck and lymph nodes of the throat. The lesions on my legs have been there for many many years and dont bother me. I do believe that the element is deep under my flesh closer to the spinal cord and vertabrae. Obviosly no chance of a dermal like removal of that presecense. The black speck coiled element in the the F1000r article seemed very familiar. I have removed large clumps of 'dreadlock' looking material. Tina....the variety and impossible amount of debris is beyond comprehension. You may understand. One does doubt their own sanity after 6 years of daily warfare with 'etwas anderes' the something other that cant be classified. It becomes quite sci-fi horror story like. I have hundreds of slides. But after a while i would just put them in ltlle plastic bags. I never did matchbox my doctors. But the horror of pulling out 2 inch fibers from a raw bald head is beyond reason......i just got out of jail. I may be psychotic. I am scared and beat down. Read my nightmare. bit.ly/11ZikZc

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