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Friday, May 31, 2013

Hacked in Reply

No its cool. How are you? I am a human hacked. An indonesian daughter of an American/Canadian secret agent in eugenic technology. Failed due to massive noise in carrier frequency overload....cell phone bandwidth. She carries the seed of a winnipeg born american. He was a music therapist, MT-BC, eccentric, bibliotech of sort. He was taken out with Morgellons weapon technology of 2001-2008. Lost his Chinese/Indonesian wife to divorce. Unfit for Duty to Long term Disability, Gave up his house to his angry ex-wife. Plays sax. Was arrested recently in a bomb scare at creve couer lake in Maryland Heights. 25,000$ bonded out by his father. Monsanto man, involved with the creation of Roundup resistant soybeans/corn and the naming of the discovered chemical now called Glyphosate. This is WLS's hacked account through surveillance through META. U are now under node research.

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