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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi this is jazzresin. Dj jazzresin. William lincoln schafer is my full facebook name but everyone knows me as bill, or sax, or musicman, or jazz, some know me as dr. F. Schafer, the lobotomy kid. I found out my native western land name in a vision quest a Graham Cave, located between Columbia and st. Louis. A vision was faster than light. "Silent Birdsong" and then not 20 seconds later a Humming bird Stares right in my eye 14 inches from eye. Wow. Jazzresin is my avatar name hi, onelove is always good. im dj'in in my last shred. 'swing low' mobile recording studio. it was cold earlier.....$8 martini concoction of redbull w/ iced vodka (lots of ice) and two olives make for a great long lasting drink..

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