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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bat chain puller remix

Perfectly placed his magic knowledge a rare remix relenquised blessed weasel dweezil the 1001 time was heard with new ears for my parched thirsty ears. Gold to sawdust back to gold again. Aware of the implications of traveling time to send love in a circumference far. For the heads. For those that DID listen deep ritual repeatedly. I heard this for the first time on my 1001 thick time his intent with his magic band. An artist of caliber as GYSIN or CALDER, rich bitch royal ears i share!! Thank you don, and his rearranged youthupstarts. And to Zappa Dweezil for making this magic still exist in a world lacking soul spirit hoodoo voudou beatnik dada freedom vision childlike innocence with ghostly ancestor wisdom. BEEFHEART like tyrone slothrop played the role of holy fool fuckup freedom fighter. HUM!!! He completed his spiritual task!!! May we all find freedom from his courage to walk outside the 4/4 and yet still be true to the beat! Om mani padme hum don van vliet!

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