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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Da indeed. Thanks for walking into the lepers colony. Sendin me strength. Holdin myself together...barely. It is true that valuable insigjht is gained through Breakthrough. Beauty in the breakdown. I will be meta Jack Kerouac soon which i look forward too. I skate dangerous finances without fear. Am sad about abandoning my stewardtship of important artifacts, incomplete art,and of course security and stability.. The sun right now is doughnut like with a gaping hole exposing its core. Almost as it too is willing to disembody. The SHadow archetype of self, i had forgotten (perhaps in unconcious deniall or perhaps the sucess of being busy helping otjhers) totally about the importance and gravity of the role the shadow has had in makling me who i am. I certainly utillized the shadow to succeed in my life when most are not even savvy of its play. I was indeed born for this. Thanks Betty!

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