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Monday, February 11, 2013

So sick with morgellons its ridiculous. I shaved my head. I couldnt take it any more. My results for most everything came in. Negative on Lyme. I do have high platelet count. And a high lymphocyte (white blood cell count) indicating my body is fighting something. I have high nitrogen also. Packing is sad and frightening. Hating it. I find beautiful things, i sure did catch passion for collecting antiques, pottery, jewelry. I plan on bringing the bass out tonite. I have some jewelry for you to go through and a box of stuff. It is killing me that i worked hard and bought this stuff and now i'm forced into relenquishing it. I pulled out as much as i coud from My northwestern mutual fund. It will afford some travel post feb. 14th. I am in a foul mood. I try to stay positive but this is low down rotten. I cant think well. I lose my glasses. I forget what i'm doing. I get frustrated easily, i dont want to take care of myself. I showered today and it was terribly painful. I beg for death about 100 times a day. Lord kill me, please kill me. My little storage unit is more than half full. I will have to give up so much it sickens me. I grab stuff i think will sell. I'll have to open an antique booth down the road. Or flea market it on the road. I wish i could save my record collection. Mike might be able to help me with storage. Music amps drum set recording machine books. Oh god. the things i value. Searched high and low. I ramble. Love bill.

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