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Sunday, February 10, 2013


When the medicine works and depression doesnt have me asleep for days, i'm able to do simple things like get out of the house. Do something. Y'know. Today i should be packing but i'm laid out, couch (nick named the death bed) bound with meds doin only half their job. Their is also a level of unhealthy sleep cycle. A bipolar like 2days ok 3-5 days not ok. Trictolomania is an impulse control AxisI disease in which the plucking of hair becomes habitual. I dont think its that as i have body hair without any impulse to remove. It really is more like the Soul Screaming at your Mind to remove a toxic foriegn agent parasite from your Body. Nerves firing on thier own. Bizarre sensations often associated with discovery of inexplicable debris, bundles of fibers, plaques, moving filiments(very similar to the motile fibre on cotton swabs which of course shouldnt be called cotton since its been so genetically modified.) On an on. Often theres a grey goo deadflesh which rubs off causing pain. Showers are dangerous and extraordinarily painful. My skin is not my own,,,,,a feeling of no longer being a human.

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