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Monday, February 18, 2013


had suffered four years before finding out about the term Morgellons. Of course i self diagnosed as the symptom set was a remarkable match. I am an unabashed activist. I have lost my marriage, my job, and my house. I am planning on becoming an expatriate due to the unethical and inhumane treatment of morgellons population. There is most likely a conspiracy. And the damage done jeopardizes institutions that hold way too much power to allow the sad truth to come out. Thus it is as it is. When the numbers reach into the tens of millions they will blame it on naive ignorance...'Oh we had no idea' or 'we are so sorry that recent research has revealed that fluoride in your toothpaste causes cancer'. Really?!?? Yes. I am a dead man walking with morgellons. I know there is no hope. I do and say what i want. I get in trouble often for ranting and raving. I have a symbiotic creature living in me that has ruined my life. No big deal. I look forward for it happening to you. We typhoid mary's whom you berate and calll mental. We'll just say to you, 'suffer well children, suffer well.'

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