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Thursday, February 28, 2013


el!!! i've been through hell (sorry bout the rhyme) been kicked out of my own house by my ex who isnt doing a good job with the divorce thing. she would not relenquish the mortgage and has been paying for it though i won the house in the settlement. my lyme/morgellon condition makes me unfit for duty at the hospital so i am in a fractal of catch 22's. at a point i step back and laugh but for the most part my life has been pulled out from underneath me. i have crashlanded at my elderly parents whom have been very supportive but i cant stay there too long. lookin to travel with the life insurance money i just closed on. hey if u want i'd drive down and take u out on a date dinner coffee. i have no agenda..lol. i bet u have many fella's courtin' you through ol badoo. but i mean no harm. i think yer cool and know yer an honest woman. and of course very beautiful with eyes i'd like to look in for real. well thanks for hearin' mze vent, lol. all best to you. onelove!

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