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Saturday, December 15, 2012


I humbly offer my music writing, journalism, ethnography, prophesy, et al and then some. to your fine magazine for an altruistic price of free. For the last Six years I have had a low profile due to the nature of my work as a music therapist at Barnes Jewish Hospital Psych services Adult Inpatient Ward. Da 15th floor. An unhappy place 'specially for those whom were involuntary and violently on edge. I witnessed the miracle of music on a daily basis. Unfortunately I have suffered bitterly with Morgellons disease for five years and I find myself 'unfit for duty', divorced, and strangely free. My name is William Lincoln Schafer, Bill to most, Jazzresin my dj moniker since 1996 and online avatar since 1998. I've worked as a professional musician, classic trained kontrabassist, street trained saxophonist. Late night DJ at Club Shattered in the day. I have recorded a few masterpieces: In 94' BOCOMO punk/jazz outfit Ant Man Bee spliced the prophetic cassette 'BZ' soon to be released free and remixed for anylabel willing to pay. I composed and wrote the core 18 songs of 'the Brian Sullivan Quartet' during the 03-06 years. I worked incessantly as an unpaid sideman for the STL farout sound of the 'Pat Sajak Assassins'. These days I proudly share DJ jazzresin's remixes of 'The Continued Historical Presence of William S. Burroughs' with copyright permissions granted through a sunday morning Lawrence KS visit with the genius fkup futurological prophet a year before he died, I offer my contribution through altruism and a facet of STL music that may make yer mag sparkle all the more. A monthly column called 'heavy rotation' or 'jazzresin's report from the trenches' you could always use me as an ethnographer or an educated kind critic of any sound. My ears are always thirsty (as I write I drink deeply off my recent iTune purchase of the 70's reissues of electronic composer Laurie Spiegal (thing Fripp n Eno's 'no pussyfooting' without the testosterone.)) My ethnographical report of Die Antwoords Pageant victorious perfomance would certainly entertain any reader. (If u want I can write it....) Was I the lone observer to notice Yolandi Fusser in wheel chair disguise after the show??? Most likely. I delivered them american gems (rubies, emeralds, garnets from n. Carolina) I yelled defiantly past security at the Ninja after the show shouting praise and promisin' to send him. Beats. Well, All Best, I hope your Correspondence can recognize me and we can form a benificial rapport!!! Onelove. Zoom zoom zapper.

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