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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

El vootay

Let's dizzy n bird, chet n gerry. All nite long. Put the gods eye camera on press record on the quasar recorders. And goof jazz riff scat jive cat swing gate buddy bolden r u holdin I aint scoldin.be bold n free liberated cause someone has to do the JOB. TakE it all away from us what do we care cause we walk and talk jazz. Both can sing confirmation or three brothers. Who is the third that walks beside us is nothin' but the beat Brother, say when and I'll post us up in some posh hotel in Hot springs arkansas where the management is kool with music as they have a baby grand in the lobby. Zip Pow Love, brick beaned across the street is a freek whom is all about Faberge, so we'lll pretend to lift some through lock vaulted glass. Pay for our way to Amsterdam. El Voootay, ya dig?

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