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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Thank you

Thanks to the sisters fate, destiny, and karma. Thanks to the multiverse and the architect creator. Thanks to Amitaba Buddha and all manifest Christ Conciousness. Thank you Eris. Shhhh Columbia. Thanks to my teachers and students. I tried. If the universe is unpleasant do your best to make things better. Forgive all paranoia. Thanatos cross dresses as Eros. You would too. Thanks to William S. Burroughs, without him i would not have made the initial discovery. Thank you Bill for the recordings to use in order to find something new. Thank you Thomas Pynchon. prof Benjamin Hebblethwaite, Alexander Melise Holloway. Bette Schafer and Dr David Schafer. George & Ellla Sanderson. The jungjohnn family and the schoell schafer family. Thank you to George E. Ohr of Biloxi Mississippi. Thank you Duke Dice, Harold Covey, John Littleton. Thank you Keith Thomas, Barbara Wood, Henry Loew, Iannis Xenakis, Ryoji Ikeda, charlie parker, lester young, jumi hendrix, malcolm mooney, kerouac ginsberg ezra pound kenneth patchen. Thank you john titor ingersoll lockwood. N. Tesla. A. Crowley. Billy the Kid, pat garrett, norma jeane MM. catherine Antrim. Kate Horony and Doc. Thank you Joseph Smith.

I know how impossible this was to coordinate. I am humbled and grateful to be of service. Thank you.

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