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Saturday, August 6, 2022


Greetings Bryan, im not much of a phone talker and perhaps your not much into cell phones 5g style communication.  So i havent called yet and you havent responded to the messages. I did inquire about the painting with info@selk…… so i am hoping to get a response ASAP.  

Here is some of my afters,  miro, delaluany van gogh, cezanne. The cool thing is i didnt know who was the artist on each of these oil on canvas painting i purchased but over time they revealed themselves to me.  Hell i thought the dutch flower picker was a Pissaro done in the style of van gogh.

Who knows i may be  the recieving end of a joke by someone with way too much money on his hands.  May be my sisters husband. James Jungjohann. I dont think its in him to be so precise in the details.  Maybe its some parkway north high school friend with way too much power. Ive always wondered what happened to brilliant Quinn palmer back in college he turned me on to the most far out classical music steve reich, iannis xenakis, ingram marshall. Now i think he might be NSA prism in deep underground military base underneath the denver airport.  In the end its no big deal. Like i said it is a grateful feeling to bask in the glow of it all.  

So what happened to you?!? Did you take the canvas to Salt Lake City only to get kidnapped hijacked?  If you need the provenance of the family it came from ive got journals, photos letters, bills, reciepts!!!  I purchased much ephemera along with the painting.  Even took a photo of the house.  

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