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Saturday, August 20, 2022

My theory is that there is a very good reason for your interest and focus upon historic figure Billy the Kid.

First of all he was a tragic figure being young and without parents in a very dangerous western frontier. He didnt deserve his unfair lot in the world.

Second. My theory is much more than imagination as there is evidence that billy the kid did not die by the gun of pat garrett quite the contrary he was assissted by pat garrett.

Third. His lot in life I believe gathered the interest and intervention of the first wave of time travelers. Who could not understand that through interfering with death that they irreparably changed the time line forever causing a tear in its quality and producing phenomena.

Four. There were many Billy the kids many William Henry McCartys. Many Billy Bonnie's due to this time travel intervention. I imagine it is the opposite of a black hole where the rip in time produces information that some can see others cannot but leaves a sort of radiation with a curious force i call historic presence.

Five historic presence is the strange attractor that makes people continue to gravitate towards the person or thing or moment in time. All tension seeks release. All mysteries wish to be solved. Phenomena will continue to increase until things not known become understood.

Six. Then there are the natural and unnatural doppelgänger's. Doppelgängers. Even Billy it is said used the idea of promoting a friends image saying it was him. Information misinformation. Sorry got to go.

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