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Monday, August 26, 2019

The new album is a protest album against those that continue to feed the petro fascist military industrial bankster shade mongers. The album is of the burgeoning future brought on by a one world government, disclousure revelations, a.i ubermind awakened cyborg empaths or course this dream is superimposed and juxaposed over fhe artists ability to use the tools available to a zero cost budget and reduced processing and finesse as rather than ipad pro first gen he is barely there with an ipad 5th gen which was sold to him being a sixth gen. Cheap trick you, awful. So the entire album is of the storm area 51 run naruto style suicide pact of the meme generation x, y, mel no matter yer age if you are meme gen you already know who you are and what you are up against. Perhaps some noble suicide against the forces that continue to keep us ignorant of true human evolutionary progress is the only answer. Time traveling trump with lifted tesla plans doesnt seem to be doing the best job of revelations as once hoped, my opinion of trump is of an opportunist who reaps rewards while leaving a trail of discarded abandoned hype consumptions behind him. He used time travel meme technology to trick pepe and all of us. The album is not pleasant. It is a reduction. It has been reduced. It is to make you feel like 12 guns have been drawn upon you as you finished playing a stephen foster tune. Youve been had in all your best intentions. All your base belong to us now, weve been pawned. Songs clip early. Your dream of anti gravity however so close has been squashed. They look at us like bugs we look at each other like bugs. Meme war 2.0 memoir they have cloaked to sheer invisible mirror like surface. The meme inside is one of struggle. We need help from above, hot on the heels of love. My life in this bush regime of ghosts and luceferian women who are too damaged to be civil for more than only a few days at a time. Xenakis made music for the children is a true statement and needless to say that is an incredibly strange statement being that xenakis soundtracks are to me the most frightening empirical aesthetic known to man.

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