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Monday, August 5, 2019

ss433 and me


I had a vision of microquasar ss433 in 2011. As if the universe was trying to explain why i was so sick. Someone told me to look up morgellons but i searched Magellans filament and somehow landed on ss433.  I was very sick with an unknown illness that i now know was chronic lyme. I felt like i was dying and i fought the illness almost every day for years.  I lost my old life. My job as a psychiatric  inpatient music therapist. My wife divorced me. Lost the house and much of my estate.  Went on a death trip to the 6th annual CEHF morgellons conference in austin texas 2013 and found out about borrelia burgdorferi.  Falcon park near the rio grande i experienced some message of survival as i had stumbled into the animals pathways around an archaic firepit campsite with large blades and blunt tools scattered around. 10 thousand years became a blink of an eye and i somehow felt the will to live of distant ancestors and it changed me. I would travel back to missouri when i had no intention to return.  A month later i was arrested in creve couer lake park for a fake bomb threat which i certainly did not do as it was a saxophone in the case and not a bomb but it was a week after the boston marathon disaster and an excuse to pull a readiness test.  I got tooked.  Tookes multiple people misunderstanding my mutterings as i walked to the waterfall to warm up an alto sax i hadnt played.  It was two songs in and i played amazing grace as i was in disbelief  seeing 12 guns of cops and rangers all beaded upon me a lifelong pacifist.  What did arsinio hall say to the future president bill clinton after playing sax.  "Hes the bomb". I had mumbled some response iat everyone staring at my sax case, i said it not a bomb but when i blow the whole world blows up.  Not even my quote.  Was from a rare joe houston record.  Something a bandmate said about the rock and roll sax stylings of joe houstons tenor  sax. Needless to say this made no sense to the cops during some rushed recorded statement. I was sick and gabapentin does have a three beer buzz effect.  I was sicker than i can actually remember. Oh yeah ss433 had become a part of me.  Something about accepting the inevitable destruction that the spin of the binary stars fight so vehemently against.  Such a feeling quite a sight.

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The mind of the past is unknowable 
The mind of the future is unknowable
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