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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


okay guys I'm sorry about this but I've got to get this out... It's been on my mind for weeks. I have advanced Morgellons, it's becoming life-threatening. I'm going to tell you this start down any therapy anything to fight these things because I'm telling once you there in your body for a few years they start to fight back. I have seen the most horrific things and slow down video of these things slicing skin opening getting in and then closing the skin underneath it behind it period happens in a split second so the human eye can't see the movement I've marked their movement with liquid eyeliner. anything I've tried on my skin recently and it's not a skin disease with a blood disease in every part of my Body. Used to belong to these groups in about a year ago I took all of them down I went into denial psychologically I had to do it because I couldn't stand what I was observing and the psychological and emotional effect has been devastating.
 not to mention the damage to my skin ... I look like an old woman... all over my body, not just my face and my face has been devastated by this. That's a profound effect on me cognitively physically is horrifying. Fight fight fight fight fight with it in the early stages. Listen to me these things have learned how to fight back and this is what I've observed under slow motion camera these things will slice the skin open lay in in the skin and close the skin behind it I'm not making this s*** up I swear on my life. Anything and no attempt on my skin to try to bring it back now that's been just sucked dry of any kind of nutrients, these things will drive straight into my eyes. So if I were to put son color safe bleach or hydrogen peroxide or anything on my skin arms face they will drive the ship right into my eyes. I put sunblock on yesterday and they didn't like that and I was weeping in pain from that organism driving up into my eyes and bring with it the sunscreen and I did not get it in my eyes I'm very careful to stay at least an inch or two away from my eyes when I put anything on. I've almost given up. Taking a bath in the color safe bleach sun and Alfalfa it's too late for me for that. Affected my health where I'm lost 70 pounds... my time in denial did not mean I did not try to fight this, but I just could not face the reality in the horror of this nightmare. I've use liquid eyeliner to track their movement across my face but had to stop doing that because these organisms driving everything into my eyes. I am not here to dispel any buddies series in my estimation this is some kind of an organism, I don't know if it's GMO I don't know if it's government produced, but in my estimation it's a living organism about 200 billion of them. I tried to pretend maybe it was lupus Kama which I have been diagnosed with but no lupus has organisms coming in and out of my body at will out of my nose out of my ears. this is so ridiculous to say please bear with me but I feel that the nasal passages maybe we're reproduction takes place or stronghold of some type, and I know I sound like a jerk and I swear to you on my life I am a college-educated master degree holding genius IQ woman, or at least I was ....cognitively I'm probably 50% of what I used to be in just a couple of years.... as the stays in our system it gets stronger and stronger and stronger... with video equipment that can slow down video process I've seen these things come out of my arms and shoot down to where I'm trying to put something on it. My hair is no longer my own my eyelashes are no longer my own. I'm taking the Shaving just about everything I can and plucking actually my eyelashes out they  are no silver  silver they move they getting my eyes it's horror if it. My hair is mostly those empty straw like coverings and if I do something to my face my hair actually come around and stick to my face. When I do put creams on and lotions on my face , I scrape away  keratin straws again ...they  look like my blonde  hair but, since they don't appear the same in water they don't appear the same in Light. I'm telling you this folks you'll see more hair on the floor and then you ever have these things. Listen to this carefully listen to this carefully every animal I touch immediately starts itching uncontrollably behind their ears and their tummies. Both of my Rottweilers contracted this disease as well. People don't understand why I don't want to PET their pets I try to stay away from them to save them...FROM ME N MY DISEASED OR POLLUTED BODY... a girl has black cat next door. Beautiful healthy silky black coat that had no silver in it at all. A few days later hundreds of them. This cat kept coming into my house and rubbing up on me when I had my door open. I have to sweep my home about 20 times a day because these things are laying all over.... my God they move with the speed of  light. Other times they curl up up almost like a snake with one part of the hair  standing up. I've seen these things vibrate I've seen them stretch towards others. You would not believe the problems I'm having with my phone right now trying to get this information out I don't know if this post will show or not. I found Morgellons disease two ways I was in  a program finishing my masters in social work, and was going to write a paper on  parasitosis... Little did I know that by the end of my research I realized it Morgellons people do not have parasitosis this is a real and living thing God forbid created by our government as some kind of a weapon. I am going to post now because my phone is absolutely going crazy I'm using voice text it's coming up in German it's locking up it's taking out full sentences. I wrote my paper but from the other angle and I was warned not put it online again take it off get my name off all of the sites all the research I did to try and bring relief to people couple years ago. Actually it was 2008 9 and 10. I got scared I had just gotten custody full custody of my son who was fifteen and battling a heroin addiction. My master's degree is in addictions counseling my specialty is adolescence, but I could not treat my own son  Obviously. Also hold degrees in management and General Studies and I was an international honor student the entire six years it took me to get all this done. Now some days I can barely tie my own shoes. More sentences now have disappeared I'm going to post right now I will post more later I really need you guys.   

Spirochette bacterial infection systemic. It has infiltrated your neocortex grey matter. It is not your fault. It is noble to fight the good fight but stop stop stop it before its too late. Prob a tick bourne version of Syphillis. My hypothesis is that your morg symptoms mean your body is workin and in process of ridding itself of the numerous forms borellia et al. Take. Talk to yourself and love your invaders. They were here long before us. Admit defeat and perhaps an afterlife of some calm years will present itself, listen to your fellow sufferers. Apply for disability. Alkalinize or die. Experiment with collodial silver. Find an old magnetic tape eraser plug it in and apply to skull for brief perioids  of 30'sec to a min. Argue with your creator or,highrr. Power for this is certainly its fault. Along with our governments who have stockpiled these agents as biological warfare back in our grandparents days. It is meant not to outright kill but to incapacitate creating a burdon upon structure of society. Take all my advice with the confidence that i too endured impossible phenomena and lost it all. Won disability but not for lyme more for arguing the truth that this is first and foremost a physiological condition that soon becomes psychologically devastating.  Salicytic acid reacts different to each individual. It fealt good at first but then the smart sores seemed to empower themselves as a biofilm worsened. Avoid iron. Avoid bathing and products all together. Allow the skin to go neanderthal and become real again. If you must remove then be very careful with self surgery.  It is a thing of tensors and trajectories. Listen to your body it will tell you what to do. Its fucked up. Achilles heel Syphillis nfrom a tick syphillization. If you cam survive then youll be one of the immune that get to live on past the depopulation event of 2025.

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