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Monday, April 18, 2016

Dj jazzresin billy sunshine

I dont spotify. Here is my eclectic/electro/shattered/noir/goth mix columbia 89-98 with a few of the modern trajectories. Dj jazzresin....or A what ive been goin as lately Billy Sunshine.  Lions - tones on tail.  Soon - my bloody valentine. Wicked - mistress mix. Joy - jack the tab. Daisy chain 4 satan - my life with the thrill kill kult.  1234- bikini. Little star of bethlehem - can. Red - king crimson. The Big Ship - brian eno. St. Elmos fire - brian eno. Modern love - bowie. Yoo doo right - can. Nick the stripper - birthday party.  Walkabout - throbbing gristle. Tanzt debil einst├╝rzende neubauten. Help for your aching back - land of the loops. Still i rise - barry adamson. The big bamboozle - barry adamson. Green chevy - east ash. Stranger than kindness - nick cave and the bad seeds. The Letter - bowie. Black rainbow - paychic tv.  Apart from this - mountaineers. Ok this is pops -  tones on tail. Ministry - so what. From her to infinity - nick cave and the bad seeds. Step right up - tom waits. Avalanche - leonard cohen. Oh superman - laurie anderson. We are back - LFO. Vitamen C - can. Something came over me- throbbing gristle. Roygbiv - boards of canada. Zero - smashing pumpkins. Skulls - royksopp. Invisible - fischerspooner. Train - goldfrapp. Sweetness - fischerspooner. Strict machine - goldfrapp. AAXXX - peaches. Catstep my dsp - hrvatski. Fat lady of limbourg - eno. Im so green - can. Space invaders are smoking Grass - IF. Kriket - plastikman.  Blue room - orb. Remind me- royksopp, utopia - goldrapp. The big bamboozle - barry adamson. An eagle in your mind- boards of canada. Me i'm not - nine inch nails. Stigmata - ministry. pale blue eyes - velvet underground. Are we here - orbital Western lands - material. Cream - Wu tang. Me and the devil - gil scott heron. Blue flowers - dr. Octagon. Pea - codeine. I found a reason - velvet underground. Helicopter - deerhunter. The past is a grotesque animal- of montreal. Floating on the lehigh - department of eagles. 1997 - dept. Of eagles. Ghost in summer clothes - dept. Eagles. Waves of rye - dep eagles. Around the bay - dept of eagles. In ear park - dep eagles. The horse you ride - dep of eagles.  Ok i get stuck there. ......unnh. Dan rossen of grizzly bear and the department of eagles. End all be all. Im sure it has somethin to do with neuroborrealis. 

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