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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

writre up slef

right on! i shared this with another new friend earlier today.  indeed. admire plaid since 96. on a plateau up there in electronic experimentalism. i use to dj quite a bit from 95 to 2003 before i worked psychiatric inpatient wards as MT-BC, board certified music therapist at BJH St. louis. dj jazzresin spun plastikman, psychic tv jack the tab, thrill kill kult, daft punk, tosca, orbital, can, orb, experimental audio research, dr octagon, aphex twin, lfo, uberzone....called it acid house, yknow,  later hrvatski, boards of canada, bassment jaxx, fischerspooner, add n to x, kidn606, massive attack, portishead, peaches, goldfrapp, ufo, barry adamson... last was a dept of eagles/grizzly bear, autechre, thomas koner, ryoji ikeda, alvo noto, i like caribou since they were manitoba, hot chip, of course ryoksopp since 2000.  haha so yes plaid is up there in my mind. how bout you? what u into?
Thanks, love Plaid,also Clark,Throwing SnowModerat,Autechre,blackdog,cylob, errors,kelpe,floatingpoints,rivalConsoles,Thanks for interest

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