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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


word. i purchased the new oneohntrix point never.  future future is nearly upon us. all best pixelate. im on https://t.co/E2HkXLBOmo https://t.co/8sBZSyv3d6 https://t.co/jEkzx32l2Y https://t.co/9TdIG30A2E https://t.co/srThNaqGkF and of course https://t.co/oKEjntsFXU and https://t.co/j94bpj5R17 & i moderate the https://t.co/1wpofYGP9e page and orginization. i have been clawing tooth and nail to regain a foothold on a DAW i can call my own. i got a 128 gb iPad air 2 that is gonna get me there. tabletop impc-pro, artura minimoog. i fukin HATE the apple nazi "audio copy'  nonsense inability to access files. but over all it is miles above the android tabs i have been using. oh yeah, ive been messing with a brilliant dj tool called pacemaker..want to shell out the skrilla for the fx. the program is seamless though. i dont spotify but u can remix artists throuh it.  i have  massive itunes purchased collection which is still with me. my behometh record collection was zapped by my exwife when the house and estate was liquidated post divorce, i was terribly ill with chronic lyme and i was maltreated and admonished  unable to get help or support from health care nor loved ones.....terrible. these days i havd crash landed just north of jeff city with an old friend and we kick it out in the country. the lyme is in remission prob from all the years of morgellon suffer hell.  my fave authors are pynchon, burroughs, pkd, jg ballard, david foster wallace, danielowski....hollar at u l8r pixelate. tchuss..

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