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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


thank you. as my partner and i currently continue to record and refine our process it may still be a half year before product is mixed, mastered, and  remixed. @melayela and myself @jazzresin have been music making since 96 and we are nearly telepathic with our collabortions. we have been engineered a music studio featuring kay swingmaster s9 double bass, moog rogue, akai ax60. roland sp808, a fine eclectic kit drum, numerous bass and electric guitars. i recently have been upgraded to a 128gb iPod air2 and @melayela has been schooling me upon impc-pro tabletop etc.  @melayela is a wordsmith like no other and is a world class beat synthesist. a wonderful bass/tenor range voice. myself am an accomplished composer of jazz and progressive chamber ensembles, i play tenor sax and kontrabass along with almost any other instrument available. so... between the two of us there is much to PR and A&R and i know it is never too early to begin the task. 

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