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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yazza n' much jazza back at you. Have you been able to leap the nuclear desert? From quark to Neutron star. Yeah baby. Now you know... We know not a thing! nothing out there. including us!! but, lex baby mela huntar crazy incomprehensible strangelets jive wiggle and fall to the sound of jazzlike scrawls and histronics. A and voracious dark matter feeds off their 'oh so precious' feedback of us jazzlike improving. Our bebop stranget dewdrop whims. They feed off it... simple innocents quircks of the windblowers divits and thought that feedbacks they feed oFf the feedbacks squall and in doing so tha other side's version of life is regurgitated nurtured in mirror anti horror land logic.. We're alone. Jazzresin lex mela huntar both Sr. Jr.and the III. But you Alexander Wesley Holloway Melise and yourself along with William Lincoln Schafer and me we can dig cause its no difference to the studied musician of frequency high and low. Right? It is as it is and always willbe/hasbeen. To be or not to be was the ANSWER not the question. You of all strangelets, you shine a singularity light unique in both voudou physics and jive ass jazz. you my microquasar law breaker full-lackhole darkatter kind credentials. You my ninja nwrd Niger river Kaw asia ninjitsu, you play a song of both sides of the universe. One of the many reasons I love you admire you and call you hero. Gestalt my friend Gestalt Aleph to you always and fornever. Ill jazzresin cypher sephiroth.

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