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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morgellon's Syndrome is a disease of the entire body,  Every cell is being
from natural to synthetic, and there are stages in between.  We are not all
in the same
stage.   Some still have modified organic inductions of foreign organic
genes, others
have mixtures of organic and semi-synthetic, while others have pure
synthetic.   As
science unfolds and slowly hidden project s are exposed, new expressions of
new genes,
incorporation of synthetic genes, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, non
coding rna
and dna are being transposed into the transitioning body,  Natural beings
are becoming
a rare breed.  Synthetic life begets a plasticity of being.  WE are simply
floating plastic.

From researchers at MRG, we have concluded that the brain itself, the cns,
the cytoskeletal
cell, particularly actin,  the cell itself has been hijacked, and foreign
adaptive proteins,
genes, polymers, vectors, phages, influenza flu non coding dna,
semi-synthetic cells,
synthetic cells, liposomes and vesicle formations, synthetic amino acids,
minimal cells have invaded  the extracellular matrix of the human being.
foreign adaptive organisms are operating in junk dna where many of those
auto-recessive gene codings and dna itself, has held a lid on manifesting
diseases.  By lifting the the auto-recessive silences of these dna, and
rna, that have
held certains diseases in check,  activation shows the disease's face,
thereby producing
symptoms of the carrier diseases.

By using junk dna in selected areas, the extracellular spaces, foreign
and proteins from other organisms which have been substituted as homologous
genes, genes similar to those being targeted, the human genome is slowing
forced/directed to accept these alterations. Natural selection is becoming
  From organic, to semi-organic, to semi-synthetic and finally to
synthetic, the
human being is being transformed into a synthetic  mirror of it's former
self.  The machine, the compute,  moves closer to actually being implanted
into the human,   No desktop needed.

Parts are being ordered from gene banks, libraries, and investment houses.
Are we to sit idly by and let this happen?  Can we find ways to reroute the
end product?  I think we can.  With the use of BioSET, Rife Machine, ph
we can hang on to our selfish natural genes, if knowledge of these pre
conditions are common talk in doctors offices, alternatives can be made to
not propogate the hereditary flaws.  One can choose to give a child a home
who does not have one, is in an orphanage, or is a ward of the court, or is
handicapped, or is homeless.

Thought is a powerful thing, many people simply do not think anymore. One
lets the computer do if for them or the Ipod,  cell phone:  the texting unit
finishes sentences for you.  By letting others do your thinking for you,
you are not
exercising what rightfully is yours.

When the medical profession turns on the ill and those suffering from
like Lyme's, Morgellons, and other unexplained illness and no attempt is
 to study the phenomenon, then that agency should be abolished, for it's
 no longer is to serve the public, but to serve others of higher elitist
claim.  This is
not what life on earth was ever meant to be, and especially in America,
we once were a free nation.  It was that freedom and joy of being
and able to care for one's own, t hat made America what it was.

We too can get that back by learning what democracy really means. By
the constitution, by knowing full well you and I have the capacity to
independence from the tethered hold by government and private industries
 who answer to no one.  In fact they have taken freedom to mean greed,
while the government sits idly by, not protecting its citizins.   Both are
at fault.

When ill people cannot rely on the CDC, the WHO, the AMA and any other
because they only answer to stakeholders, not the public from whom they are
to protect and serve.  Stakeholders control what is to be done, not the
illness at hand,
 or the emergency at hand, but what tickles their fancies at the moment,
what will fit
in their field of vision and order.

Morgellons is not going away, and many are suffering silently waiting for
the keys
to the kingdom of AMA, or the medical professions, while the secrets to
health and
wellness have been stolen and the causes of many diseases known, but never
parlayed to the public.

Restating my hypothesis of what Morgellon Syndrome is, I have come to the
that a major tranformation is being forced upon the human public.
Morgellons is really
not a disease but a process, some are lost along the way, and freedom from
pain, itching,
lesions, organ failure, muscle atrophy, nerve damage, and induction of
foreign material
whether organic, inorganic, semi-synthetic or synthetic are all processes
the Human Transformation Project .   We at MRG will continue to research
phenomenon and expose those patents, the projects hidden in labs, the
processes used to alter humanity, the very blueprints, if they can be found,
of the origin of Morgellons and its manifestations.

We will find solutions ourselves.  We can expand our knowledge of many t
hings, it is still free.
Once we learn about herbs, essential oils, bioset, rife, iridology, and
other new
natural methods of healing ourselves, we will be made strong.    The Pie in
Sky is made of dung, and we choose not to partake.  We have a choice; We
can put
faith in a broken system, or we can find ways to take care of ourselves.
Waiting for the Morning Train is futile.  We must begin walking.

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