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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful to know you old friend! Congrats on your second star child, (hope she's stardust and not the nosoul holographic dark matterÐë®gä©.

Other than my reading of shulgin I have no practical knowledge of your substance in query. Me, I've been illicit free since 2006, quit ETOH out of boredom last year...started backup lately also out of boredom. ***** I subscribe monthly to in order to tame the sabateur fifth columnist resting in the shadows of my will. Effective enough though life seems to flash by so quick...no luxerious slow time fer me (WE certainly took our fill of the old slow motion back in the day... Believe we were monsantobaby sububurban refugees turned hillbilly bohemian skyheads apeing as college students (give me that gentleman's B any day, practiced and well versed upon effortless effort.) I smoke marlboro blue with excellent results. My former asthma is near extinct with only a flashback or two caused by cats or family memories.

I have had a difficult three years health wise due to unknown ailment of skin upon the back of my neck/scalp. Multiple dermatologists and dozens of nasty failures of pharmecutical stabs in the dark I am left continually tormented. A sensation of 'out of place' pressure. THOUSANDS of ingrown hair. I have returned to an earlier technique of DIY surgery. Correcting some bad code written in sanskrit upon the noggin. Why? Numerous theories. Most sound being due to saxophone strap,hot head,pork pie hat issues. Most far out? Alien possesion of my flesh with soul terminating weaponry!! (Everyone thinks the invaders have to be 4'10 to 6'1".... No no no real tiny they can be. Not from OUT there either more like RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE NOW just transmigrated parallel like.) Sometimes I think lord above and the devil wagered bets upon my outcome like some modern JOB. All I really know is that I've learned to suffer well. Eh, but I ramble. Holla back atcha soon old buddha.

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