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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Certainly can relate to the Beez bum bill bee. Cell phones r killing me to. Perhaps something to do with time/space/neuromagnetic electric fields that we're not quite savvy to. The holographic nature of the universe wows and flutters eventually withers away at the electrical nature of life/reality/synapse. It's all around us All the time. NEVER any bandwidth silence in the invisible freuency ether wind. The BZZzzzzz is replaced with the hyperfax sounding (RYOJI IKEDA!!! RYOJI can heal with the most evil of poisons!!! RYOJI may be the most important composer since BAch/beethoven/Mozart/Wagner/Schoenberg/Cage/XENAKiS!!!!!! RYOJI may very will be our Salvation.RYOJI IKEDA!!!!) Haven't felt right in years. Ever since that hospital pager next to the gonads...since the wife purchased 'cell' prison phone. Ball n' chain...ever since the 'SmaartFone' has smartened me to the point of a sharp dullness like pain in the medulla. The reptilian brain begins to balk and default. Null becomes the easiest hack and the big Syntax Error of it all with the harsh analog Beep reminding us of how far we've come and how much we've lost in the process. ADApT or eXtIncTioN. Too far along to care for either. Transmogrification Avatar synthesizer play us one more pop song before the end.

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