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Friday, May 6, 2011

William Schafer Neural implants reboot update reset reboot update downloading new modules please enter user name password on 32 apps. Updating app information. Reboot. Please restart your computer enter user name and password. Password does not match usr name unknown. Modules updating OTA rim neural implants version 6.o.6 bundle 243....repeat cycle.meanwhile I stand here contemplating the sins of previous hacks and injections. Shouldn't of commited surgery upon myself. Synapses fraid unravelling. I smell ancient smells of the blessed past. Wake up to the stench a burning rotten vegetative dankness. Feel close to death and everything spirals metafiction. Reality? No some inner transmogrification. A forceful change for no reason. Paradigms flipper flipper flam. This life to be such a scam.the fink inside me is the fink God we succumb to in sarcastic negativity

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