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Sunday, November 27, 2022

For real.

The ebay algorithm is uncanny as it is able to know from previous purchases of the subject matter that being of Kate Horoney, old west icon the common law wife of Doc Holliday, whom i had purchased tintypes of on many occasions from another dealer. In the past i would utilize the 'buy again' funtion within My ebay to research other dealers and ebay algorithm did well in helping me to navigate to dealers with similar significant subject matter. Now i find significant historical presence in subjects showing up first fhing in the recommendations 2022 will be known for the emergence of artificial intelligent soft singularity through text driven augmented imagination apps. But i have a sense that there has been an a.i. working tirelessly behind ebays method of presenting objects of tailored interest at a price appropriate to each individual. Synchronicity is a good word for if because its way beyond luck or coincidence.

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