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Friday, November 4, 2022


image0.jpegimage2.jpeg Hi so i read the thing saying i need to bring this up with my distributer 
Which i believe is highly reputable. Songtradr   Correct me if im mistaken. 
I mean its hardly fair to not report album sales as song purchases.   Apple gets paid all the same  even if it was me who made the music purchase of kt own artist work.  I do so to streamline my work with film  work, so why cant their data  represent reality. I am certain i am not the only one with this complaint. At first i made a purchase of my own music to test wether i got paid. And i did but year after year of zero purchases it is a red flag that something is wrong this year alone i purchased four LPs over 50 songs!!!!  Anyways it hurts both my logic and my feelings to see your (Apple for heavens sake!!   Don't you feel responsible in the least for the worlds decline in all things MUSIC!!  Your promise of a better world with ipod has made you all fantastically wealthy.  And here we are fifteen years later and you all struggle to assist the striving working musician of today.  Steve Jobs would not have let this happen.  Subscription services are  awful. I use to be a customer of itunes. Now it is just a good thing that has failed.  Its up to you to figure things out since it is your (and spotifys) fault u can blame p2p napster all u want but i remember spending a ton of money on cds and vinyl in the early aughts just by getting turned on to new artists from other peoples kazaa shared folders) fault.  You can at least throw the lowly diy musicians a bone and report song purchases (or Lp purchases.  Any kind of purchase.     Its too late isnt it.  You dont care.   There are musicians that do.  A good compliment can last months.  But your disregard     Dis dis.      Ouch. 

On Nov 4, 2022, at 12:04 PM, Apple Support <artisthelp@apple.com> wrote:

Hello William,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I hope you're doing well. We apologize for the delayed response.

So that we can investigate this further, please reply back with a full-window screenshot showing the issue in your analytics.
If you have additional questions related to this request, please reference case number 101848116039.
Best regards,
Apple Inc.

On Oct 31, 2022, at 06:09 <jazzresin@gmail.com> wrote:</jazzresin@gmail.com>

William Schafer
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Why arent you reporting purchases correct. This year it says zero song purchases when i have made several purchases of my own albums to allow for easier work flow. It bothers me that this is not recorded. It makes me doubt your data.  
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William Schafer
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