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Monday, May 9, 2022


The remote view is such that when you scan through thousands of daguerreotypes ambrotypes tintypes Cdv's photo booth shots can your minds eye make the connection.

Having a portrait taken was truly an event and a part of ones social status. To be seen in fine clothes taking time before dinner at a photographers studio was to be a part of society. To be acknowledged is rewarding. The magic science of it all is still remarkable after the shot is taken the material image is produced and the transaction complete between photographer and subjects. Very satisfying. When they say there is only one verified photo of Billy the Kid i disagree and suggest there is quite a bit of disinformation stemming all the way back when william bonney used a friends image claiming it was the kid. The reality is there are many out there and over time they will be revealed. What else does a gambler spend his easy won money on other than spirits, women, and his horse? Photographs the adventure of leaving your mark a sense of immortality perhaps. The little slices of time indeed are exquisite time machines that bring the past alive. True artifacts of a long gone era.

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