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Monday, May 9, 2022

God its like pulling teeth. Come on ebay app quit with yer nonsense

Key Holy Grail Antique Ferrotype of Young Doc Holliday Iconic Hairstyle.
Feel free to ask questions. The provenance i believe is self contained thru proxy and similitude of tintypes acquired from same dealer same cache. The cache i believe amazingly stems from the James Earp Family Brothel whom i see having an attached photo boutique next to the saloon. Illinois? Kansas? Cant say but i have acquired numerous tintypes of Kate and her sister Wilhelmina together with their biological parents then later with the earp family. I have discovered tintypes of the Earp parents Prescott and Virginia. Another acquisition was a tintype of Wyatt with his first wife Urilla, Urilla with Josephine whom would marry after Urilla's passing. There are other amazing finds. The cherry on top was the first discovery of them all which occured late dec 2021 that of theodore roosevelt with harry houdini and two others in a portrait. That was the tintype that led me to the doc holliday and kate horoney tintypes. Reality truly is more strange than any fiction Send me message and i will gladly share jpegs of the content i speak of.

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