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Monday, April 27, 2020

Lyme md

Soft disclousure is better than none. Does the cdc remember unknown dermopathy? Dermatologists can really mess you up the most, washington university really really did me wrong. I figured it out on my own after years of inexplicable suffering and decline. It took a trip to the CEHF 6th annual morgellons conference to figure out the connection to lyme, then only a few years after to grasp the sick cover up ordered down from those that define best practice, CDC admit 350,000 was more like 3,000,000.:its hard for people to understand how disruptive chronic lyme can be upon life and sanity. I was being directed towards it being a psychological condition where i knew first and foremost it was a physiological issue. A doctor even had the audacity to use the chicken or egg which came first. Smdfh idiot the egg was around in the protobird dinosaurs way before anything that resembled a chicken. I ramble. Lost my job, marriage, home and estate, nearly my sanity and life, disability due to adjustment disorder? Pretty sure it is lyme. Not that i ever plan to step in to a doctors office ever again as long as i live, they dont have your best interest in mind people, save your money and use the alternative resources, the health care politicsl power complex steals liberty and lives. They need to be put in their place, covid19 was an information war. They promote fear and we cave in and lose liberty all the while applauding them. Covid19 tests are like lyme tests. Unreliable and most likely contrived data to suit their agenda.

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