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Friday, April 10, 2020

Interesting website! I believe i discovered a cache of mccarty family dags tintypes and parlor photos a year ago here in marshall missouri estate sale. I had purchased the lot, a shoebox full, for 9$. I never had much interest in the old west until that fateful day in which i looked up the image of billy the kid and through near impossible syncronicity then compared the image to the tintypes i owned. I believe i have several images of william henry mccarty jr at ages 13 and again at age 15.

Recently i have purchased a dag from ebay that i purchased having a bit of an idea of what he looks like apart from the "uncharacteristic" cowboy shot. Anyways i mean to share this data freely for future historians to consider. I am no forensic expert or professor. I fortunatly knew how to use transperency layers in an art app, this evidence along with the provenance of the lot containing images of his mother and grandmother were enouh to convince me 99.9% sure that it is authentic btk. Im not here to prove or argue. Rather just to share and potentially provide pieces of his important american story.

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