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Monday, January 20, 2020


My iphone died so i was trying to restore it with my old computer and it would almost get to the finish line only for some error that the iphone could not be found. I had been grinding away trying to get itunes updated but i had to go through.the new microsoft app store route to get it and i was three sheets to the wind loosing my mind when microsoft kept wanting me to sign in after i had already done so. This was the freaking end of the world for me. The utter filth nonesense that i had to go to a microsoft store in order to update the  apple software onto a PC so that i could recover my primary phone an old iphone 5c . I wanted the head of billgates on a stake i was furious. Hell no i am not going to call microsoft help line i am sure thats what they would want. No i got on twitter and ranted curses at Windows Apple bill gates, zuckerberg. Thats when i am so glad i got on twitter as it didnt take long to realize that microsoft had pulled support from the windows 7 operating system ONLY a FEW DAYS ago.  Dear lord help me.  Soooo thats whatsApp. Maaaan i take stuff real personal and im not fast on a PC like i use to be. Controlling a mouse is very difficult these days for me,  yknow. But a wave of relief washed over me. When i figured out. I mean it was bad.  Felt like center stage of a cosmic joke.  Real real evil like.  So tell all your friends make sure they know they should not use there old computers with windows 7 online anymore.  Very dangerous to the health. Windows 7 is NO MORE. I abhor windows 10.  Am thinking seriously about jumping to linux operating system.  Sick of The Evil that proliferates through this timeline. Throwin shade to illuminate....you figure microsoft could have sent an email informing us. I had been to my account page several times last month.  Bigtime fail microsoft it shows how little you care.

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