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Friday, May 24, 2019

I find this utterly disheartening, i have succesfully replaced LCD screen assemblies on an ipad air 2 utilizing USED salvaged LCD assemblies purchased from EBay. I know very well how delicate the process is. I know how the pins snap together precisely. Yet he claims i was in error,

Its ridiculous. This was my first NEW LCD assembly that i have puechased ever. Can you imagine the disappointment i felt after completing all steps and for absolute nothingness happened. I have paid for the majority of the product yet seller LeFong gets to keep hardware? If it iis damaged like he said it was then i will try to repair it. I dont think he is being correct in his business. I took a gamble with his one person five star rating, and now i am feeling burned. A better solution suggested by A-Z surely needs to occur in order for me to comtinue using Amazon, This has been a complete utter disaster,

I would like a 2/3rds share of the return


Seller LeFong return me the LCD assembly that he claims i damaged. It does no good for him. It will prevent him from selling it to another hapless customer which is what i imagine his racket is all about.

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