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Saturday, May 4, 2019

A letter to google data studios

I am trying. Little by little. I can imagine that your endless products and reports and connections can help. But thats it, only imagination. This labrynth of hypercomplexity does little for a singular person. I am only savvy to a tiny bit of programming knowledge but have a curious mind enough to be here writing this question, why so hypercomplex? I produce music and post to a youtube channel through a brand account that was pushed on me back in 2014. I use to generate a small amount through youtube monitization but the positivity of that has ended with the evil agenda of the reality of todays youtube monitezation, all this complexity but you couldnt keep up with the transperency with the everyday user, what can you do for me? I offer up my art and soul. To no avail. I see no rise in subscribers and have limited traffic, i dont think the hypercomplexity is working out for you or me. Are you casting light or shade? A scanner darkly or lightly google and google experts? It is despairing. All this potential unrealized.

Blockchain is working. Whats wrong with you..

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The mind of the past is unknowable
The mind of the future is unknowable
The mind of the present is unknowable

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