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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I hope every tendril of your  best friend meth makes you see the light

Its making me strong again being sober

Thank you 

What hurts the most is that your at a stage of addiction where excuses and dope comfort the inteligence more than the truth and belials worthless lies erode the sirens emergency call for you 

As hades mud covers the 

Sign that says play at your own risk as karma erases the fissures of esteem in the styx aquamarine tonetensors dissonar

Disassociates the social nice 

The paranoid lice of normalcy make us conform with a hair cut 

I have no love for these states of anti all thongs considered   Bi sectz  phoniapobias 

Wordsmith i am knotte

The blood flower angel glide was never nutting

But a little whyte lie 

Like a dizzying grace note

Of out phrase pollack joke 

Truly taste the pain refeains of classical 


You are wimpy  when you remind me that the race kard is a moot fear that unknowing let the count drac in to terrorize yallz 


Plz quit blaming me 

I enjoyed every minute of the escapist plot

I hate the privi we both get

I hate that not selfish enuff to own this dilapidated pharm.

I am no capitalist 

Nor can i be a fascist maskerraid ball

Natl sociotelescope

I&👁reccibo the 

Sifting grift of your flour

Sent to awaken the most extraordinary CE-5 event


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