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Friday, September 23, 2016

Metaelection 20000

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metaelection 2000- by will "lincoln"

schafer<br><br>airplanes over st. louis airplanes crash <br>I would have

voted nader if I did vote. I walked into my childhood

haunt thornhill library at 9:45 this morning and

angered at the moron drivers in the parking lot. Was I

the only young person present wearing a black hoodie

lincoln patch. I walked out for the lines were abyssmal

with old people. anyways I was thrilled at the massive

indecision of this dead heat. <br>I campaign for third

party.<br><br>tippergore u get what's comin' to you for your intrusion

upon music in the early 80's <br><br>last night I

watched a pbs show upon the candidates. both drug users

that's encouraging. gush + bore, what difference. Gore's

a natural born loser....lost his own state for gosh

sake. bush a playboy winner ran a baseball team w/

nolan ryan. yep like a massive hardon florida was

stroked late into the early morning...It is 25 minutes

past that horrible -and I mean terrible- version of

'america the beautiful' in texas. and I am genuflecting

upon my own political participation(nonparticipation)

I truly did not mind clinton cause what's the

kingscapegoat for but to entertain. would al gore entertain ?

no.. will bush? already proven on our humor barometer

of late night sitcom trash generators.

<br><br>planes fall from the sky....I drive by lambert and see

plane crashes all around us. important plane crashes

indeed! <br>missouri is a fascinating place...more

preferable than newyork or seattle. poor

chicago......<br>the guns and the rural still hold reign.<br><br>bush

n'the cia...and eh what whas jeb doing there in the

first place...<br>why did carnahans plane go down? will

they all get along...just wish the best for the

country even if theyre system is questionable. <br>today

fortunatly I called on my powers to be an observing canadian

god knows I'm not your typical american.<br><br>meybe

this is the new era of chill vs. the uptight with

chill winning in all of the strangest

places-republican!-<br><br>well here's to unity<br><br>godspeed amerika

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