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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Suffer well.
I've suffered unwell today. Real nightmare.
Been using 'dawn' dish soap as recommended by a fellow MgD.
It has caused strange but hopeful changes in the scarred landscape of my scalp and back.
I speculate a theory that morgellons is indeed similar to the GMO cotton.
They should not call it cotton any more. One is safer with polyester than today's genitacallyu modified 'cotton'. I also think that the bodys production or integration of MgD fibers is such that the immune system struggles or fails to breakdown the invasive and unneRving Mgd fibre (I know I know. The BODY & SOUL scream at the MIND to extract the foriegn body at ONCE!!! Like slivers that fester ruin yer day. MgD splinters ruin LIVES. I am downward spiral. Uncaring. Where is rock bottom?? No. Keep sinking.) Tangential. So what. Yes years of suffering the physical condition of Morgellons WILL degrade one's psychological condition. Which came first (the dr's used this phrase on me) "the chicken or the egg?". @#*@ you tell them the m#@f#@'kin EGG was around long before Birds had evolved. I digress. The last thuing I wanted to share is since these fibers are in us perhaps we are suffering sometohing similar to 'toxic Shock syndrome' u know. Sik like a tampon piece lodged somewhere inside.
God bless the Charles Holman foundation. I was having a nervous breakdown. I could not go to the ER. They called me and I wasn't alone.
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