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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

7$ please be careful! I have been having terrible visions of Reptilian Republicans using unknown forces to rig this next election! This is a historical presence message as I am sevensevenseven william(seven)lincoln(seven) schafer(seven) The assassinated dead prince of Abraham Lincoln. He is a clear flash within me. I am documented lineage within Abraham Lincolns Elders blood line. Schafer means Shepherd. I am one/fourth appalachian with one/sixtyfourth of me native american (enough to find my western land name-Silent Birdsong (meditating on top of Graham Cave the name flashed in my mind and seconds later a humming bird stared at me for twentyfive seconds) I am washed in the blood of the lamb, I work for Gabriel with the Heavenly music corporation as one of the seven horn players. I am a methodist/buddhist/zen/taoist whom has suffered from Morgellons for five years. I urge your people to survial and suhveille this election using top of the line infallable technology to protect the american people in their vote process. As funny as it sounds a reptilian offlander can not be considered an american voter. I know this sounds terribly psychotic. But please heed the vision and protect america!!!!!

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