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Friday, June 24, 2011

Where words fail toothsome as they drop off the page. Little scurvy ants there are as the swerve and they sway. We could not forcast the distant change in tether, but the scrawls and seesaw go well together. In that sentient arcadia here and now, layers upon layers she begans to howl. Aurora bright aurora winds down that rOad. Superimposed upon my lovers scowl. Should we tredge forward upon starlit paths? Knowing arachnid dieties guard her wrath. Visitation fractled by your schoolboy fears. A thousand spiraled spider leg it draws you near. Amongst this din a cliffedge is hid. How did u know it my love? To sit indian till the mantra wind lessened. Stop the breathe and just listen. She sews up your lungs invisible threads glisten. Blessings tidings you live again.

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