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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks for the link, interesting read. First and foremost- there is nothing wrong with enthusiasm for an artform. When an artform gains importance amongst likeminded individuals a subculture appears. If the values and rewards of a subculture are significant often a subculture becomes a way of life (deadheads, jazz musicians, ravers, etc.) This is life. It is organic- artforms and subcultures. As my university of Missouri-Columbia musicology professor Dr. Budd explains: an art movement originates-arcs towards perfection- the descends into 'perversion' (proliferation, permutation, self-consuming)....many times from the ashes an artform will be rediscovered and rise pheonix like from obscurity or disregard.

Problem is, as Terrence McKenna explains, these cycles of artforms and culture proliferate and crumble at alarming speeds. Our entire species entrain to this metamusic sound of evolutionary accelerando (sic) con fucio-faster and faster with much fire. McKenna indeed did adhere to a 2012 event horizon: he suggested something to the effect of 'The End of Novelty.'

My response to the article would be:
Me, fuk em all, yeah I've read pynchon, met burroughs, hung out back stage with run-dmc, let G-love squeal on my sax, purchase alva noto and ryoji ikeda: hipsterism. Sure. What I'm into is hip to me. If your not savvy. Too bad for u. Square ears still listening to the same shit for 20yrs? Thas yer problem. Thirsty ears and inquisitive mind is oxygen to the soul. Music and art make this lousy life worth living. Are u hip? Do u not enjoy being with likeminded folk. Let go of self conciousness. Be free of self doubt.

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