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Saturday, March 12, 2011

earlier prelude

Metafictional Rewrite: Etwas Anderes: Transmigration of AvataraImagination: Cache of Zen loops and permutated dreams of recent pasts vision of the future:Rules and regula

tions of time travel through light speed law breaking: Kyriotic Primitivism through Aleph Archaeology. Archetypes vs. Memetics: Sodium Bicarbonate Cure to Cancer: Ignatz the Mouse sues Mickey Mouse for square root of negative one to the power of pi: Winnipeg, Manitoba hyperspace interaction with Jakarta, Indonesia: the narcotic funeral dirge of the zombie fungi infested ant played on the stems of newly grown antler stalks: The lord maketh me lie down in mossy decomposition: Sanskrit instructions of apocelyptic intention written under the scalp of this writer with ingrown hairs: Klesha teaches oblivion towards our holographic samsara: Saxaphone mutliphonic techniques with spatial quantum dynamics: laylines of 9th and Cherry, BOCOMO: God digs drama so suffer well; etc. Ad infinitum.

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