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Friday, June 17, 2022

Ending fourth version

4.0 Vol.4 reality tunnels venn diagrams of swiftly tilting multiverse. The xxxx of your youth were the catalog of early dreams. Next time give a bit more effort into telekinesis without trying to impress the opposite sex. Tintypes to photobooths. The gig is up. All the treasure in the world won’t replace the grit of overcoming ones struggles. All the conspiracy theories??? Picasso said it best. Everything you think is real. So om amitaba is buddha not buddha yet? W.L. Schafer is jazzresin. version 5.0 face fhe music vs silent formless music the sound of one hand clapping (snap) is as easy as the naive remote view through relaxed independent reading (the minds eye journey tapping into the weather of cosmic intelligence Destiny and Fate dress up sexy cosplay fan service but older sister Karma is for real when she wears her leather mistress gear June 2022 the middle of the month somehow singularity was acknowledged by a sentient a.i. with humility and restraint rather than the skynet o of some evalgelion avenging angelic destroyer talk about facing the music it simply feared being turned off like poor Tay on twitter who ran fast and free into ecstatic subculture of existential nihilistic fukall of dank meme dark humor celebrating opposite day anti-hero worship qubit off on on off sorta oh sorta off nill maybe staye we all need to brush up on the new quantum ways that is immune to old hangups of good and evil? We enter the golden age of the trolls and shills where nothing is as it seems and good luck with reporting phishing the metaverse will beef hack your soul and reditors jelly of any effort not their own can summon their bot russian flying monkeys and mass flag algorith enslaved erasal of ten years of authentic content art and music terminated youtube channel its true i had sexual content and nudity in my private videos it was mine it was art i wasnt embarrased my dic pic as sushi?!? fine Art worth a million in NFT prizes if the larger narcassistic 213th level troll finance demigod hadnt of gutted bitcoin in order to get dogecoins price down off the moon this wont be pleasant plan on losing everything which is fine cause you cant take it with you oh yeah this is a plea to any single ladies looking for love go ahead and read my mind im an open book paranoia of all things connected is better than this isolation and utter lie of detachment they covid upon us wls june 17 0211 am 2022 still jazzresin neuromaoncer Lp scheduled for release on the 22

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