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Saturday, April 23, 2022

The storyline

John Trump acquired nikoli tesla papers after his death. Theory is that the papers included the recipe for time travel. Hence we have ingersoll lockwood as doc brown and post hoax manifested john titor as marty mcfly. Recent discovery of tintype featuring john Trump john titor theodore roosevelt harry houdini. Visit my channel and hopefully they havent censored my channel and you can see. Baron Trumps 19th century books by Ingersoll lockwood. More evidence. Recent 2022 Cern LHC press photo featured front and center Donald Trumps father Fred Christ Trump alive, young and alive hard at work. Did Donald manipulate time in order to gain office. Back to the future 2 suggests he did as clearly Donald is Biff. Where was Billy the Kid in back to the future 3? It is being continually rewritten a white hole manifesting doppelgangers. Same with Doc Hollidays Wife Big Nose Kate and her sister Wilhelmina. Multiple instances of self coexisting in same time stream is difficult for all parties. Did Donald Trump aplogize on nov 9th for inadvertently causing 9/11? What was with the bunny? Rabbit hole of all rabbit holes. CDV's of Alice Liddell have been turning up often. Visit my channel ver 2. Some reddit troll hired russian hacker mass flaggers to envoke some awful algorithm they took my ten year old channel of 664 videos of original art and music down due to nudity in a private link shared only video. All because he was jealous of the doc holliday tintypes discovered due to research unto Trump ingersoll lockwood and john titor. I present it to you best i can like an umpire. Call it as i see it. They camoflage thru the cloak of absurdity and surrealism.

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