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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Alice a few years after the looking glass

Step out click out its like being on autopilot. Quasi metafiction except that the end result is the empirical evidence of the image itself. I go looking and i see what i see without judging too harshly more of a trusting of self knowing there is a larger arena at play. I saw something familiar in the eyes of a young teenager from more than a hundred years ago. I knew that young girl pretty well everyone does well most everyone knows the story of alice in wonderland or thru the looking glass. But not everyone knows that Lewis Carrol had actually based his creations off a young girl named alice whom he had some sponsorship and permissions from the parents and he photographed the child in strange fantasy like scenarios. So yknow after you see the photo of young alice there it is forver in your mind. It seemed to be an easy identifiction for me. Her character was well represented in her dress and posture…. Check it out

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