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Saturday, December 28, 2019

In my research i firmly believe you (g.) have an extraordinarily key early image of henry mccarty and pat garrett.  Pat Garrett is also seen with Henry in figure (f.) with his mother and auntie. Figure (e.) is an image of his mother that matches the woman in figure (f.) Billy the kids mother (e.) was part of the lot containing (a.)(b.)(c.) that i had purchased last May in an estate sale here in Marshall Missouri where i currently reside.

figure(d.) is strangely significant to me as it is a poster sized image of what appears to be Pat Garrett that was given to me by my boss in March of 2019 before the purchase of the tintype lot!

It was in October 2019 that i discovered that the images (a.)(b.)(c.) were of Billy the Kid. Inspiration to search and compare the images online were inspired by my work on a william s. Burroughs remix of a reading about bloody bill andersons routing of boone county missouri during the civil war.  https://bit.ly/eternalbill

w. l.

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