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Saturday, November 16, 2019

I have two tintypes of 'billy the kid' william bonney. through simple facial transparency overlays of the verified image in comparison using an art app was able to deduce this information which i am quite certain anyone Would agree is a perfect match. They are the 1/6th plate tintype daguerreotype size, i am unsure of the photographer but an expert would be able to ascertain whom took the image, the items show significant weathering or aging but the portraits are both stunning and remarkable in their clarity and composition. They were purchased from an estate sale here in marshall mo last may. I dont know the folks who ran the estate sale but can certainly provide the street address of where the sale was held. The lot of tintypes contained three nice ones in the gutte perche book with gilded glass. The images i believe were of a younger william, his mother and his grandmother, i had sold those on ebay to a dealer however i do retain the photographs i took and can share them and the screenshot of the sold page.

Here is a video of comparison. https://www.instagram.com/p/B47ALV4HB36/?igshid=yozaaxt7qiq0

The other tintype will be provided upon your inquiry as i am allowed only one photo upload.

w. l.

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