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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

No hope

So i was hacking my own security as i am apt to do. Trying to figure out why my intuition screams at me to shore up the breach. Owning a vizio tv certainly is a hideous breach. Having a narcassistic sociopath criminal as a former girlfriend is another unfortunate weakness. On and on, i already am aware of have you been pawned dot com data lists. I can see that i have dozens of unsuccessful logins stemming from china, eastern europe, and india. On and on. Most disconcerting tho is when the iOs operating system functions well 'different' i will catch it thinking where there should be no thought or delay. I suffer the indignities of recapchas sending quiz after quiz when i already completed tests correctly. On and on.

You do the whole google privacy tests. I get the sense they are as unregulated as fuck and are held unaccountable for everything. Just like microsoft facebook et al. So i was doing the whole check and started cleaning while i was at it and i stumbled upon a file i could not delete called 'Ipad Master List'

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