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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hype Machine Selector - Since 2006 selector of future music through music blog aggregation and speed listening. With a bullet make you famous. Stop wanting what you want!EditDelete
musicplayon VJ - incoming sift communism of information forcing free NoW!EditDelete
Mindless Pleasures Res freq - Gravity's Rainbow, Infinite Jest, House of Leaves. You have no idea. Soon it will read for you.EditDelete
Billy Sunshine SOUNDCLOUD - Billy sunshine metafictional avatar since 1989. Poor genX meloncholic fool whose fckups seem to make the world a better place.EditDelete
jazzresin SOUNDCLOUD - dj jazzresin and his ios experimentation data. 'jazz' has been sendin solid with the real thing- daft punk 1996 shattered discotheque. All star tattoo house dj 2001-2005. Hype machine selector psychic tv to the midmo acid house.EditDelete
A real human being - Since 1971EditDelete
Microtip yer local global artist - A bit of bitcoin a day to each and every person on the planet! The future Is kinder with elimination of poverty.EditDelete
steemit.com/@jazzresin - the pioneering decentralized blockchained social media cryptocurrency rewarded blogging site. earn by blogging. join steemit.com today!EditDelete
Jazzresins music on Spotify - Distributed through amuse.io since august 2018. ©️HeavenlymusiccorporationEditDelete




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