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Monday, July 9, 2018

Pt 1

The one and only jazzresin. 'Sol selektin hits & bullets since nineteen ninety six' support your local musicians. Street musician since 1990 'jazz' as everyone calls him plays mad melodic saxophone and was classical trained on french school sax degree from univesity of missouri columbia. He is also an accomplished kontrabassist whom studied underneath renowned st. Louis symphonies principal bassist Henry Loew. William went on to study and educate upon all woodwind, brass, and string instruments. Along with the formal side he was deeply vested in the experimental, street, indie, and club aspects of music as he has performed with and composed for, led and toured with numerous outfits, bands and ensembles. He was ordained dj jazzresin by mela yela aka lex esto in reference to the resin remains of cannibis is just like hashish. Bill has led the punk jazz indie band Ant Man Bee whom notably opened up for the KCOU Big Star reunion in Como missouri early nineties. Psychic TV was heard to spin his remixes on their san francisco radio shows. One mix featured old time hillbilly banjo mixed with the master musicians of jajouka from tanjiers,




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